About AME  

    For many years, America has been the breeding ground for a handful of best-known schools. Its unique teaching pedagogies have successfully nurtured thousands of talented leaders and professionals.

    AME is designed based on CCSSI, the new American standard, and is adopted by over 600 schools in America. The reason for its popularity is that it adopts American textbooks and interesting teaching materials which can effectively help students develop their mathematical intelligence, as well as their linguistic competence in English. Alongside the American teaching pedagogies, AME also integrated two new calculating approaches, Indian Efficient Artificial Computation and Singaporean Two-Stage Operations into the syllabus, so as to broaden students’ horizons and build up their ability to think independently.

*Our Belief

    We believe that the prerequisite for success is the ability to master the knowledge in two or more aspects, as well as the determination to take risk and try. We provided students with American Principled Mathematics, Indian Efficient Artificial Computation courses, Singaporean Two-Stage Operations courses and English courses at the same time, hoping that students can achieve a all-rounded development and be able to face different challenges in the ever-changing world.